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Product Information

V-Belt Accessories

V-Belt Tension Checker

V-Belt Tension Checker
Features & Benefits
  • Indicates tension on all V-Belt drives (3L, 4L, 5L, A, AX, B, BX, C, CX, D, 3V, 3VX, 5V, 5VX and 8V).
  • Force range: 0-35lbs.
  • Tension range: 0-560lbs.
  • Compact, spring-loaded design.
  • Easy to operate; instructions included.
  • Adjustable for 10" to 170" belt span.
  • Dimensions: Length = 7" ,Width = 1" .

Download V-Belt Tension Checker Instruction Sheet

V-Belt Rule

V-Belt Rule
Features & Benefits
  • Used to measure length of all sizes of V-Belts (3L, 4L, 5L, A, B, 3V and 5V).
  • Manufactured from durable aluminum.
  • Wall mounting holes provided.
  • Easily identifies V-Belt length up to 100".

V-Belt Wall Rack

V-Belt Wall Rack
Features & Benefits
  • 36" long rack with six 6" hooks provided.
  • Mounting holes provided for easy wall mounting.
  • 5lbs weight per hook.
  • Extra hooks are available.

Note: Our aluminum parts, sheaves and bearings do not have any zinc or dichromate finish.